harmony between nature, light and architecture



2018 - 2020

Art Direction | Creative Strategy | International Communications | Treands & Insights


Cosentino Group is a global, family-owned company that produces and distributes quality, innovative surfaces for architecture and design. It distributes its products and brands in more than 60 countries, making it one of the world’s largest and most successful solid-surface brands.
our strategy was to promote a firm relationship between Cosentino and the international design audience. We created a new visual identity, global design week installations and designer collaborations. JPO positions Cosentino as global leaders by using trend intelligence to educate consumers. Consentino also now offers unparalleled insights to its professional target audience by creating products such as trend books, trend reports and a blog.

Layer x cosentino collaboration

raytrace installation invite (Designed by filed day studio)

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER crafted a spectacular, immersive installation for Cosentino, one of the world’s leading solid surface brands, to showcase the brand’s innovative Dekton® product and its applications. Titled Raytrace, the installation was a part of the Ventura Centrale exhibition at Milan’s Salone del Mobile from April 9-14, 2019.

Raytrace is a dramatic, interactive experience showcasing the harmony between nature, light and architecture. Set within the dark, atmospheric tunnels of Ventura Centrale, Raytrace is a 25-meter long and 6-meter high triangular passage made of Dekton® ultracompact surfaces.

DEkton collection,
Photoshoot direction 2020





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