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Meet in Place is a start-up that revolutionises the business-meeting experience. The brand marks its global entrance with the opening of four new locations. Now boasting a total of five locations worldwide, one in London, three in New York City and one in Tel Aviv, Meet in Place offers fully serviced, design-led meeting rooms, providing a high-quality solution for small businesses, big corporations and freelancers to conduct off-site productive business meetings.

The concept is built on two pillars - service and design. To ensure a smooth and simple user experience, Meet in Place offers flexible and on-demand service where professionals can rent an hour-based room, up to half an hour in advance through the easy-to-use Meet in Place website or app. The experience is commitment-free, with no membership necessary.

All Meet in Place complexes are located in prime locations of major international cities with large windows overlooking the area. The meeting rooms come in four categories: Classic, Grand Conference Rooms, Salons and Grand Salons which can hold between 2-30 people. Meet in Place is already used by international businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

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CEO - Yaron Kopel

Meet in Place CEO and founder, Yaron Kopel saw a lack of affordable and easily accessible meetings rooms across the world. With the rise of open office designs, and shared co-working spaces there are fewer private spaces in the work place and a growing need for a comfortable and professional off-site meeting location. Noticing this problem, Kopel, a serial entrepreneur and previous Head of Innovation and Design at Sodastream, brought his vast knowledge in developing unique user experiences to establish Meet in Place as a solution to the problem of loud, often full coffee shops or costly hotel conference rooms.





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