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Louis Poulsen, world-renowned Danish lighting brand, revealed their collaboration with Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson, on a new, large-scale pendant light at Milan Design Week. Inspired by the relation between mathematical forms, the OE Quasi Light uses geometry to shape light and reinforces Louis Poulsen and Eliasson’s shared idea that good light = good life. JPO Global led the international communications campaign, activation, and unveiling of the Quasi Light during Milan Design Week 2019.

An integral element in OE Quasi Light is sustainability. The aluminium used is 90% recycled, while other materials are entirely recyclable and reusable. With the design enabling future disassembly to replace and recycle parts, the OE Quasi Light was created with longevity in mind.

the pendants

A play on transparencies, shapes and colours takes the visitor through a journey/maze/walk in each of OE pendant components. Each room emphasises a different form and leads one to the final destination. The installation will express the geometric story of the pendant.

Olafur Eliasson, artist

“I’m very excited to bring my longtime interest in geometry and light into this collaboration with Louis Poulsen to create the OE Quasi Light. What distinguishes it from so many lamps is that it shines in towards the core, from which the light is reflected back out onto the surroundings. In one form, the lamp combines precision in design with quality atmospheric lighting”.





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